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PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, is a state-wide program created to help schools become safer, more welcoming environments for students to learn and grow. PBIS provides a framework for teachers to reward and acknowledge good behavior and to reduce and properly handle problem behavior. The PBIS model states that when students are taught appropriate behaviors and are rewarded for those behaviors, they are more likely to continue displaying good behaviors, and the relationship between teacher and student is more positive. When good behavior is taught and rewarded and when problem behavior is addressed appropriately, classroom disruption is decreased. This allows teachers to more effectively teach and students to more effectively learn. Schools that have implemented PBIS have seen dramatic decreases in problem behavior among their students.

At Boomer-Ferguson, our behavioral expectations for our students are called the Blazing Bulldog Way, and these expectations include being respectful, following procedure, having everyone involved, and setting goals. When students meet these expectations, they are rewarded with verbal praise and tickets. Students use their tickets to buy items from our school store. We also have a reward at the end of each quarter for those students whose behavior has been so good that they did not have to go to the principal’s office during that quarter. Students who do not meet expectations are retaught the expectations, and then given an appropriate consequence. Students who repeatedly do not meet expectations are given a higher level of support, which includes small group instruction on social skills and inclusion in our behavior mentoring program. 

Click to learn more about PBIS and why PBIS should be implemented! (links to an external website that opens in a new tab)