Boomer-Ferguson Elementary School

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Public Notice

Thank you to all of the BFES 2019-2020 Volunteers!

By volunteering you have just given the most expensive and priceless gift anyone could have ever given – kindness, your valuable time and unconditional love. Volunteers like you help make our school a better place. We all had an amazing year thanks to you and your efforts. Your generous contribution of time and energy to Boomer-Ferguson Elementary School has been incredible and we cannot wait to work with you next year.


We would like to thank our Blazing 2019-2020 Volunteers:

April Triplett                                      Tonya Wilcox                                       Anna Royal

Sasha Sprinkle                                  Stacey Holloway                                 Donnie Colbert

Phyllis Clay                                        Rosann Powell                                   Sophia Jones

Randy and Ashley Judy                    Danny Parlier                                     Stephanie Triplett

Dennis Johnson                                 Ann Lipford                                        Caroline Whitson

Dixie St.Clair                                       Michael Brown                                   Andora Minton

The Ferguson Grange members      Tamara, Taylor and Thomas Koch    Jamie Reavis

Steven Burrell                                     Robert Doyle


We would like to thank our Fantastic 2019-2020 Lunch Buddies:

Monica Murray                                  Tonia Milam                                       Michael Kennedy

Robert Doyle                                      Fay Kennedy                                    Elizabeth Billings

Steven Burrell                                    Ta’Kyra Felder